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388,00 zł za rolkę
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1. Tapeta Versace 5 386117

The Versace 5 Collection of Versace wallpapers elevates luxury and extravagance to new heights with its stunning wallpapers. In addition to the traditional Italian designer wallpapers, the collection boasts a selection of neon wallpapers that make a bold statement. The collection also offers a range of classic patterned wallpapers, stylish designs, and simple elegant designs.

A standout feature of the Versace 5 Collection is the neon wallpapers, perfect for creating a maximalist or eclectic ambience in your home. The iconic Medusa wallpapers, with their maximalist flair, are perfect for the trendsetting of your home. Along with the popular palm leaf designs and metallic wallpapers in gold and silver, the collection also includes lush wallpapers reminiscent of the brand's luxurious scarves. With ferns, leopard prints, and gold accents, these colourful wallcoverings are the ideal choice for creating a lavish living space.

Versace Home takes their classic Medusa and Meander wallpapers to the next level in the Versace 5 Collection. The Medusa wallpapers now feature minimalist interpretations of the brand's famous logo, making them a fashion statement in any room. The meander wallpapers maintain their timeless elegance, perfect for creating a neo-baroque ambience. The collection also offers wallpapers in gold, black, and silver, in addition to colourful options.

The Versace 5 Collection is not only beautiful but also practical. The high-quality non-woven wallpapers are easy to install and remove, and can be applied directly to the wall. The collection also includes satin wallpapers for a truly luxurious look.

These wallcoverings are scrub-resistant, light-resistant, and certified by RAL, ensuring they will last for years to come. Made in Germany, these wallcoverings are safe for you and your family. Get ready to transform your home with the opulent wallpapers of the Versace 5 Collection.

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  • Materiał nośny Flizelinowy
  • Materiał Winylowy
  • Styl Wzorzyste
  • Wymiar 10,05 x 0,70 m
  • Odporność na działanie wody Odporność na szorowanie
  • Pasowanie 64 / 32 cm (versetzt)
  • Usuwanie tapet Usuwanie na sucho bez pozostałości
  • Pasowanie Pasowanie z przesunięciem 63 / 32 cm